Animation at its finest and Re-purposing Naked Lady Lamps

**Note: You can’t see the animation on some phones. Bummer.

This makes me giggle. And don’t worry, Dara is a good sport and probably won’t harm me for putting this together. So you can laugh too. We thoroughly enjoyed taking umpteen million head shots for her portfolio as a Redken Artist! Yay! This was my first attempt at using a background and the lighting situation involved natural light from a window and a naked lady lamp.  Anywho, I didn’t know animated GIF’s could be so fun… Isn’t she GORGEOUS?! Check her out on Facebook here ! I’ve added a few of the shots we shared on Facebook already and I will have some more “professional”  shots up by the end of next week along with a WEDDING I shot this weekend. What, WHAT? Yah, a wedding.

2 Responses to “Animation at its finest and Re-purposing Naked Lady Lamps”
  1. Nelda Johnson says:

    Mad skills girl…………..of course with that subject how could the picture be anything but great. What a beautiful young woman. Very photogenic!

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