Animation at its finest and Re-purposing Naked Lady Lamps

**Note: You can’t see the animation on some phones. Bummer. This makes me giggle. And don’t worry, Dara is a good sport and probably won’t harm me for putting this together. So you can laugh too. We thoroughly enjoyed taking umpteen million head shots for her portfolio as a Redken Artist! Yay! This was my … Continue reading

Congratulations Drew and Alissa! {Raleigh, NC Engagement}

What are the odds? No seriously. Of all the people, in all the world… these two found each other!  They met in High School but it was never the right timing. Several years later, they waltz right back into each others lives at JUST.THE.RIGHT.TIME.  That’s like a gazillion to one odds. Right? We met at … Continue reading

Kennedy’s Easter {Raleigh, NC Family Photographer}

“Kitty!”, Kennedy excitedly pointed.  She returned to posing immediately. If there were ever an award for “on-task” child, (I’m sure they have a ribbon somewhere), this kid would have it. Kennedy was a DREAM to photograph. Not only is she beautiful, but she was with it from the get go. She helped pick out her … Continue reading

Wedding Smash-Up! {Shoot & Mingle 2012}

“Holy crap.  That’s a lot of cars…”, I thought to myself as I crested the hill to White’s Service and Salvage in Germanton, NC. I know what you’re thinking. Germa-what? Yeah, me too.  This place was the Disney World of salvaged vehicles. All were precariously perched on a mountainside that was probably better suited to … Continue reading

Megan and Family… annnnd Giant Predators {Raleigh, NC Photographer}

“Mom, can we keep her?”, Amanda asked wide-eyed. I chuckled to myself.  These folks were awesome. It was overcast and rainy once again.  We were determined not to reschedule our long overdue photo shoot.  It had rained every other time we had tried to schedule a get together.  We finally decided on an indoor location … Continue reading